Since joining the Business Hive in 2015 my business has gone from strength to strength and I now couldn’t imagine not being a member!

Having gained my first client whilst still at college, I felt lost once I was officially self-employed full time but thanks to invaluable advice from various members of the team, especially Sam, I started to find some direction and started to hot desk after some thought. The hot desking facilities truly have transformed not only the way I work but have also improved my work-life balance; not forgetting the clients I have gained from being around so many other businesses.

Importantly, none of the advice I have received has come without more support that I could ask for. On more than one occasion the staff at the Business Hive have highlighted opportunities to me, given me advice which I didn’t realise I needed, and introduced me to helpful contacts. Additionally Carrie and Emma, on the front desk, are two of the nicest people you could wish to greet you and always go the extra mile to help anyone. Together the team create a friendly, professional and clean environment that can’t be faulted.

I owe a lot to the team at Business Hive and e-factor, as they have helped Lyke Ltd. reach the point that it is at today and helped me develop as a person. Organisations like e-factor are refreshing because they provide a sense of community and real encouragement.

My best advice would be to organise a meeting with Sam or one of the business advisors (even if you’re not sure what you’d like to gain from it). I would highly recommend membership to virtually anyone in business, for me it’s worth every penny and more! I haven’t even mentioned all of the fantastically organised events, workshops and seminars or any of the other benefits to membership that add even more value to something that is already quite unique.

Andy Green – Lyke Ltd