Ghost Fin is a Cleethorpes based planet focused business located within EBB & FLO on the North Promenade.

We're carving a new, sustainable path in the world of board fins. Manufactured entirely from recycled ghost fishing nets, end of life fishing nets and ocean plastic, produced sustainably in the UK, with leading innovative processes to achieve a minimal carbon footprint.

We are guardians of the oceans, by supporting Ghost Fin you are actively helping remove plastic from our oceans. 10% of fin purchases will be donated to our chosen marine conservation charity Ghost Fishing UK.

Change is coming, will you be a part of it? Will you be a Ghost Rider?

If you feel your business could collaborate and be a part of our journey please get in touch via email.

To follow our journey and for news on product launches, our work to protect the environment and clean up the oceans subscribe to our newsletter via our website.