My name is Lucy. I am the founder of Inspiring Positive Change. I previously worked in the addiction field for 20 years but then decided to retrain as a life coach and Belief Coding® facilitator. Belief Coding® is a new healing modality that is a combination of other modalities – NLP, CBT, EFT, Kinesiology, Positive Psychology and breath work. We all hold negative beliefs about ourselves that we deem to be true that can cause us to lack confidence, lack self-belief, give us anxiety, create fears which stop us from leading the life we deserve. With Belief Coding® we can get to the first memory of where the belief was created. We then work on healing the part of you that has become trapped in the trauma cycle. Using subtle and gentle techniques, we are able to release you from the past leaving you feeling ten out of ten amazing. We then code in some new powerful positive beliefs. Belief Coding® is unlike traditional counselling. You don’t have to share your past, I don’t need to know what has happened in your life that has led you to this point which is what is so amazing about Belief Coding®. It’s a two hour session and the effects can often be felt instantly.

Life Coaching is all about creating an inspiring future giving you something to work towards. It can help to get you motivated, increase your confidence, and improve your overall wellbeing. Life Coaching helps to create positive change in your life. I always wondered why I had never achieved anything great in my life and I realised it was because I had never actually set any goals to achieve anything great! So I set one! Life Coaching can help to improve your fitness, lose weight, give up bad habits, save money, travel, grow your business, ease anxieties and depression.

Sessions can be held at Oasis Health Club where you will also receive a free day pass to the gym, at my beach hut in Cleethorpes (when it’s a bit warmer!) or online via Zoom.

If you’d like to find out whether Belief Coding® or Life Coaching could help you or a family member then feel free to get in touch on 07546 200317 or via email: