Katie Rayner Associates is the provider of high-quality coaching and workshop facilitation for individuals, schools and organisations.
With stress and burnout at an all-time high, the knock-on effect of the pandemic around the world has, and will continue to, transform the way we work for a long time. As a result of this, mental health issues are also on the rise, and as such, more support than ever is needed to ensure happy, productive and effective teams. We are passionate about supporting people within organisations to nurture a culture of wellness and good mental health; supporting individuals to build and strengthen their mental resilience.
Coaching is without doubt THE most bespoke form of professional – and personal – development possible.
If you are an organisation that invests in your people development, health and well-being then we would love to have a conversation about how we could support you.
As well as 1:1 coaching, we also offer a range of well-being & resilience-based workshops as well as coach skills training. We will happily develop a bespoke package for your organisation.