Hello I’m Sue Goulsbra. I’ve been a carer for my son for 20 years. He needs me to be there for him. It’s been a tough Road. One day I was in a bad place and a friend came round and taught me how to do rag wreaths. I loved every part of making things. This was only a few years ago. I started making things for my grandchildren and everyone said where did you get that from and my children and grandchildren have given me confidence. 2 years ago I lost my mum. Then 7 months later I lost my dad. With the money they left me I bought a embroidery machine. My mums password for her phone and laptop was always mo petal. So I started my own business and called it mo petal crafts . I know she would of loved to have been on this journey with me. I can and will make anything that can be made on an embroidery machine, sewing machine, a sublimation printer , or a cricut. So I will put my mind to anything.