I have a passion for helping successful business owners, executives and managers grow profits, save time and build culture.

I’m recognised as one of the most ‘networked’ people in the Lincolnshire area, I’ve helped 100’s of local businesses generate £millions in new business by referral. I’m on a mission to help make doing business easier, removing barriers to referrals and building brand advocates.

I believe that all business owners are experts in what they do. They don’t want advice, telling them what they should and should not do. They do however, often need new knowledge and learning, to apply ‘better thinking’ in their business – something I know from personal experience.
Where could your ‘best thinking’ take you and your business?

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Like my father and his father, I left education having learned how to have a job. In reality, that’s the output of our education system… What if we learned how to be an entrepreneur, how to start and grow our own successful business?

I have a background in customer service and people management in international hotel chains, and most recently sold a very successful design agency. The next 6 years I spent working with a global franchise that specialises in creating local networks, contributing to the success of local businesses.

My philosophy – help you be successful 20 years sooner than I was, so you can put into practice what I now know. How much of my ‘best thinking’ do you want?