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Firstly, thank you for looking at my profile. My name is Lawrence, I'm a sales professional and an independent sales skills & team trainer/coach.

Since I left the Air Force in '86 I have been involved in sales in one form or another. The thrill of succeeding in both saturated and unexplored markets and the feeling of accomplishment in achieving goals has always appealed to me and has always delivered a certain satisfaction like no other. I have been involved in a multitude of sales environments from kitchens to solar panels & energy, advertising in both on and offline spaces & publications to weight loss & nutrition.

I have experience in almost every industry involved in direct or indirect sales, although direct sales has always been my area of choice. I have knocked on doors and honed the craft, i have created successful pitches and objection handling techniques for both field and telesales sectors.

As my experience and passion grew i knew team leadership was something i aspired to. I have built successful sales teams from the ground up and coached salesmen and saleswomen into sales professionals.

Selling has changed over the years and a sales professional must be able to adapt to survive. We need to focus on agreement and co-operation when it comes to sales not mere number games. Influencing and persuasion play a much bigger part in sales than they have ever have and it's in finding the balance where the true art lies.

If you would like to increase your individual sales skills and performance or that of a team's, I would love to speak to you

Thank You