We are two local ladies who are passionate about supporting our local community with their health and wellness, no matter what age or gender. We are supporting them to feel amazing and seeing success, not only with their weight but all other aspects of health. We have started on a small scale to give members a sense of belonging, especially after lockdown, we keep our meeting size to a maximum of 25 members as this is manageable for us to lead individually and for members to get to know their peers, to build up their confidence too. We reach a wider community of people who can not attend one of our meetings by providing zoom and one to one meetings for them.

Our business started towards the end of lockdown, we had both left an international weight loss company and had more than 20 years experience between us as leaders but have a lifetime of experience from the other side of the scales too. After meeting ex members and talking to friends over time, we were receiving messages from people who knew we could motivate them and inspire them after lockdown. We knew together we had the strengths and skills that were needed to motivate and inspire our members to have great success, and over coffee one day The WeightLoss Company was born. The main factors behind our growth is ultimately member’s success and our commitment to them. With their success they have shouted loud and proud to their friends and family plus on social media. Word of mouth has been our biggest advertiser, when people share their success it shows that we have credibility, knowledge and experience and we know how to use those skills.
We use a calorie counting approach and we are ambassadors for the Nutracheck app.