I would like to recommend the excellent services Sam and her team at Business Hive provides to local business’s here in Grimsby. I am fortunate enough to be a patron member of the Hive and have been introduced to many likeminded people since joining the Business Club. This relationship and contacts I have made through the Business Hive have resulted in me becoming the Enterprise Advisor for Healing Comprehensive School. A role which I am very excited about and I look forward to helping the pupils broaden their horizons and expand their opportunities. I highly recommend the Business Hive and I look forward to working with them now and in the future.


e-factor are a fantastic organisation. Their passion and enthusiasm to help businesses succeed is second to none. They have helped us grow our company by providing us with modern office space, business support, networking and regular thought-provoking events. We would highly recommend being part of this excellent business support group.


Firstly, I'm really proud of the fact that my membership number for the Business Hive is 001 - I had secretly hoped for 007 but that was perhaps too much to ask! I worked closely with the E-Factor team at the time when the Business Hive was just an idea so to be the first member was, and remains, a real privilege. My membership offers a number of things which are really important to me:- I spend a lot of time out of my office and often have gaps between site visits. The Hive offers really useful "touch down" space where I can catch up on some emails and phone calls in a productive environment. The meeting facilities are excellent. The Hive allows me to have meetings with Grimsby based clients without the need for them to come to my office in Hessle. They always give really positive feedback on the location and quality of facilities. The Hive can also be a hideaway. Sometimes it's necessary to detach myself from my own office to concentrate on a particular project rather than be interrupted by colleagues who just want a couple of minutes of my time! And finally, for those of us old enough to remember Cheers - a place where everybody knows your name - The Hive always has a friendly face and a feel good environment. There are a huge variety of people working there from a wide spectrum of businesses yet there is the common aim that everyone wants to be successful which can be a real lift on the days when the To Do list is perhaps longer that I would like it to be!


I joined the Business Hive in 2015, my main reason being that I could use their hot desk facility. As a sole business owner, it was important for me to be able to tap into the facilities of a larger office, as I didn't want the initial set up costs of internet, printer and other sundry equipment. It has been great for me, as I pop along as and when I need to, especially if I have printing requirements, and use the venue to meet clients. Everyone is friendly, and the monthly Tuesday networking is a great way to meet up with the wider Business Hive community. I attend some of the extra events and seminars, which they organise, and find these really useful and informative. All in all - I think the Business Hive represents value for money, and I know that the benefits it gives to my business is worth every penny of the monthly fee.


I joined the Business Hive in June 2016. Starting my own business (effectively being self-employed) was really daunting for me, especially after 30+yrs of being employed, but it was really something that I wanted to do. I initially met with Julie Sweeney and she then introduced me to Sam Burgess and the ladies in the Business Hive office. I had already attended a range of free (to me) courses on Social media, which not only served to reinforce what I knew, but also taught me a lot more too. There was no hard sell, but Sam highlighted the long list of benefits of being a member. I have used the Business Hive hot desks throughout the year. I have made use of the photocopying and printing services (which are at really good prices), and attended the workshops and networking events. But the biggest help to me has been Sam’s belief, encouragement and guidance when the times were tough and I started to lose belief in my dream. She took time to meet with me and coach me by challenging me to think of things that were once part of my dream, but I had lost sight of through the fear of failure. It was my first anniversary in May and I am so pleased to say that business is looking up and I am filling my portfolio with organisations who want my services, including the Royal Air Force, the Institute of Customer Service and ICON Training. Thank you Sam; thank you Business Hive.