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I have over 20 years’ experience in the food industry, working for large international companies and local SME’s. I started my career as a Buyer at McDonalds HQ in London and then returned home to Grimsby to worked for a series of fish companies, holding a variety of positions such as Buyer, Planner, Head of Operations, Head of Supply Chain, NPD and Purchasing.  This gives me an innate understanding of the challenge’s businesses face on a daily basis.


My role at E-Factor as Business Advisor, specialising in food, allows me to use my knowledge and experience to help support local businesses. I  work closely with start-ups in the food and hospitality sector, covering the legal aspect of setting up a food business, all the way through to an established fish processing businesses looking to grow, pivot and diversify.


I enjoy the variety that each day brings and love watching local entrepreneurs achieve their goals.





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