Terms of Service Agreement

Business Hive Club - Terms & Conditions

1. As a Business Hive Club member, you will have access to all Business Hive Club Members Only Lounge and facilities during standard business working hours. Membership entitles the cardholder to Business Lounge access at Business Hive Club subject to the terms and conditions below and to the terms and conditions referred to on the website https//businesshive.net

2. Use of all services and products is subject to availability. A Business Hive Club membership is not intended to be a replacement for a full time or regular office. Business Hive Club Lounge must be cleared at the end of each day or session, and you are solely responsible for your belongings at the Business Hive Club.

3. Business Hive Club will require charges for additional services used to be paid on the day of usage or by opening an account secured by valid credit card details.

4. Memberships will be automatically renewed at the end of each term unless cancelled by the member in writing. Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time by either party after 90 days by giving 30 days written notice on the 1st day of any calendar month thereafter. Any member who cancels their membership may not attend the First Tuesday networking as a guest of another member for a period of 6 months.

5. A Business Hive Club member may be accompanied by two visitors during their use of the business lounge facilities. Additional visitors may incur additional charges. A visitor and/or guest are defined as a person who does not require access to phone or internet services. If a visitor and/or guest would like phone and internet services, we will be happy to provide them for an additional fee. If more visitors need to be entertained, the meeting room at the Business Hive Club Members Only Lounge can be reserved at preferential rates for Business Hive Club members.

6. Business Hive Club membership cards are personal and cannot be transferred, assigned, or used by others unless agreed upon by Business Hive Club For security reasons, you may be required to present your Business Hive Club card along with a valid form of identification at check-in.

7. The Business Hive Club Business Club card issued to you always remains the property of the e-factor Business Hive Club and must be surrendered upon request.

8. e-factor Business Hive Club reserve the right to alter or terminate the Business Hive Club Business Club business benefits, or any account there under, at any time without notice. Under these circumstances, e-factor Business Hive Club liability is limited to fees paid in advance.

9. e-factor Business Hive Club reserves the right to adjust the Business Hive Club membership fee at the time of renewal to compensate for inflation and/or other reasons.

10. Data Protection: We will not share your personal information with other third parties without your prior consent. We may contact you from time to time in relation to your membership including details of relevant promotions and offers or other pertinent information.

11. The Business Hive Club business benefits program is intended for your temporary use of our facilities. To best serve you and create a professional workplace for our cardholders, we reserve the right to limit or terminate. Card holder usage if we consider it to be non-compliant with any applicable terms or conditions of use.

12. You agree to pay all fees when they are If you do not pay fees when they are due, you may be charged a late fee and interest on the unpaid balance starting from your due date. e-factor Business Hive Club may also suspend your privileges until the dues are settled. You may also be responsible for any additional collection’s charges incurred by e-factor Business Hive Club.

13. Discounts, Promotions and Offers: You agree that, unless prohibited by applicable law, Business Hive Club may discontinue with immediate effect and without the need to give formal written notice any and all discounts, promotions and offers remaining on this agreement if during its term you breach these terms and conditions, are one month past due in payment or are assessed a late fee in any two months.

14. If your Business Hive Club card is lost or stolen, a new card will be issued, and we may charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of administration and fulfilment.

15. The Business Hive Club card holder is responsible for all its visitors/guests while using the facilities and shall indemnify and hold e-factor Business Hive Club harmless from all costs claims and demands arising from any misuse of facilities by the Business Hive Club card holder and its visitors/guests.

16. The Business Hive Club card holder undertakes not to bring to the facilities any dangerous noxious or explosive materials or substances and further undertakes to respect the privacy of other users/lessees of the e-factor Business Hive premises

17. All Business Hive Club card holders and their guests are required to sign in at the commencement of all meetings and sign out at the end of meetings to comply with fire

18. While we reasonably endeavour to negotiate discounts, incentives, or preferential services from Suppliers for Members, we do not warrant that Suppliers will provide, or continue to provide, to Members any such discounts, incentives, or preferential services. The provision by Suppliers of any such discounts, incentives or preferential services to Members shall be subject to any terms and conditions those Suppliers shall apply and we do not warrant the supplier’s performance of its obligations under that

19. You accept and agree that to enable us to continue to provide discounts, incentives, and preferential services for Members it is necessary and reasonable for us to seek to protect arrangements with our suppliers. You also accept and agree that details of the charges made by the Suppliers for Services provided to Members are confidential and must not be disclosed to any third party.

20. We seek to negotiate preferential services for Members and require information about Our Members and their spending habits. You authorise us to request information about you which may be personal from time to time from our Suppliers. You accept that we may from time to time disclose such information as we consider necessary to credit reference agencies and Suppliers where it may help Suppliers make credit decisions, and to disclose such information as we consider necessary for prevention or tracing debtors.

21. This Agreement will be governed and interpreted under English Law.