Cudox is a provider of high quality, accessible counselling and psychotherapy for both adults, young people and children.
Our mission is to ensure that anyone who has a need for counselling is able to access it regardless their situation in life. We value the importance of looking after our mental health.

Our work centres on the humanistic approach and we passionately believe that given the right conditions, we all have an infinite capacity to heal and grow. Honesty, acceptance and empathy, offered skilfully by a trained therapist forms the foundation of support and can provide clarity and compassion in even the most complex areas of psychological distress.

We work with clients presenting with many different issues including relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, abuse, loss of identity and bereavement. We offer telephone and online counselling in addition to traditional face-to- face therapy sessions.

We are currently building upon our portfolio to provide mental health awareness training and group support work to businesses and schools across the local area.