The model is based on 3 things

Our main goal is to place people into good local jobs, with a supported, personal approach. We offer a 1:1 registration were we give our time to unfold the skills and aspirations of our members and what the barriers are that they have faced in the past or present and how we can help them overcome these to gain rewarding employment.
We have built up some good relationships with some of our local big employers, and gained a good understanding of their recruitment needs . We hope our client base will extend in time as more employers realise the value and power of local community recruitment.

We can offer our candidates training to upskill them or retrain for a new career. We have established a good relationship with several different training providers in the area and can source bespoke training to meet specific sectors.
We can also source work experience for those with a gap in their CV. This has been with local employers or we can offer our unique Social Action jobs.

Zlto and Social Action Jobs
We have a unique offer of volunteering in our community for our candidates who are waiting to find the right the job or who are just not at the employment stage and need to gain more confidence in themselves and their abilities. This is unpaid work but we do offer an incentive and reward for the time people give to these one off jobs. Our members register on our reward site called Zlto and they gain points for the time they give to a voluntary job. These points are then saved in their online wallet and can be exchanged for vouchers for local businesses. These vouchers have been purchased ( often at discount rate) from our funds made from ERAs recruitment surplus. This means we are reinvesting wealth into our local economy and supporting local businesses.