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Mark is the Managing Director of E-Factor Group Ltd,  A not for private profit company dedicated to supporting the local business community of Northern Lincolnshire. E-Factor is also the largest commercial property landlord in Northern Lincolnshire  and they uniquely invest all their profits from that property portfolio into Business support for SME’s.

Mark spent many years in publishing, starting at Eddie Sha’s Today Newspaper before moving to The Guardian. His soon to be better half persuaded him to move to Grimsby 33 years ago where he spent many happy years at Grimsby and Scunthorpe Newspapers as Managing Director.

Having had a taste of enterprise in his younger days, Mark finally left the corporate life to start up his own weekly newspaper that ran for 10 years.

Now running E-Factor Group, the company he set up in 2007, Mark is firm advocate for the essential part small and medium enterprises play in local economies up and down the country, not least of all Northern Lincolnshire. He is a member of the  North East Lincs Development and Growth Board and the North :Lincolnshire Growth Group, a Director of the Enterprise Agency, a  Greater Lincolnshire LEP Board member and vice chair of the GLLEP Business Support Advisory Board. Mark is also a  regular judge in The Small Business Britain Awards

He believes we all have a vested interest and a responsibility to make Greater Lincolnshire an outstanding place to visit or live and a great place to be in business. Local businesses are collectively the biggest ratepayers,  the largest employers, and the  most significant contributors to the Greater Lincolnshire Economy. How resilient they are and how fast they grow matters to us all.

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