Rands Solicitors Ltd is a Law Firm based in Wootton, North Lincolnshire and provides services to surrounding area of North Lincolnshire, North-east Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, Hull and East Riding, alongside other surrounding areas.

​Rands Solicitors was created by our CEO Sue Rands, a solicitor of 30+ years, and her two daughters Esther and Grainné in November 2022. Sue, Esther and Grainné have created our law firm to bring a bespoke family practice run by a family with over a combined 37 years of experience.

​Rands Solicitors are recognised by the legal community as providers of a first class, quality family legal service.  It is our ethos, being a family firm, that where children are involved in any type of relationship breakdown, they will be the paramount consideration.