Helping API Studbolts secure a grant

API Studbolts Team Photo

Like many businesses, the company made the tough decision to furlough some workers as demands changed but has made progress in its future business development – with the support of E-Factor Business.

The first step was to enhance existing safety measures. Sarah Davidson, Office Manager said: “To keep us all safe, we implemented a full Covid-19 Health and Safety strategy. This involved moving offices around for when staff cannot work from home, moving machines and packing benches around in the warehouse and workshops to provide more space, and introducing new hygiene measures among other things. It has worked and we are lucky we have had no employees sick with the virus or with symptoms of it. Staff have been supportive of the changes we have made to keep us all safe.”

API Studbolts already had a successful relationship with E-Factor Business Advisor Gina Waterhouse, and this continued throughout the pandemic. Recently, API Studbolts worked with Gina to secure a grant, which would purchase a new forklift.

“The grant for the forklift is a massive help. It will enable us to work far more efficiently. We can take in more stock and increase our export lines, which always leave us once sold via containers, so the forklift is key. Gina, as always has been extremely helpful. She is a lifeline!”

In October, the team will be celebrating at the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards, where API Studbolts is a finalist for the Phillips 66 International Trade Award. “The nomination is very exciting. It brought to our attention just how successful we are and has given us a boost in what our potentials are, without doubt.”

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